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Reese and Finch are later aided by Samantha "Root" Groves (Amy Acker), a highly intelligent computer hacker and contract killer whom the Machine later identifies as its "analog interface", and Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi), a former ISA assassin who unknowingly dealt with the "relevant" numbers found by the Machine.

During the course of the series, 103 episodes of Person of Interest aired over five seasons.

The character (and Shahi's performance) proved so popular that she was added to the cast on a regular basis in season three.

But the series has always contained a trace of the idea that Shaw is at once part of the central band of heroes and just a little bit apart from it.

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But by the end of the episode, all is well, because you know the series can't change the game too much. The reason for the term is that only a schmuck would fall for the setup.

has always been fond of breaking apart its usual formulas to pursue episodes that take more experimental bents, yet a great many of these have involved Shaw herself, including the aforementioned introductory hour and a thrilling season four episode, told from the point of view of the Machine, that detailed its desperate attempts to keep her from dying.

This is because of that outsider quality Shaw has, because of the way her borderline sociopathy and easy facility with violence (often on display in "6,741") keep her from entirely blending in even with a rather ruthless band such as this one.

In the show's fourth season, former ISA agent and current Machine operative Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) was captured by Samaritan forces.

Unable to save her, the others on the side of the Machine eventually assumed she was dead. (Remember, this is an article about schmuck bait.) Yet the show took its sweet time bringing her back.

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