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Officers and NCOs above the rank of Sergeant were entitled to carry Swords but often in action carried privately purchased bayonets instead.The the old smokey powder used to fire the Gew71 rifles and their variants left a residue inside the rifle barrel which then needed frequent cleaning.The carbine equivalents of the Gew71 and Gew88 rifles (the Kar71 and Kar88 respectively) did not have bayonet mountings.The smokeless powder used to fire the Gew98 rifle did not tend to foul the gun barrel which meant that the 1898 bayonets could be fitted under the barrel of the rifle as access to a cleaning rod was no longer so frequently required.

The S98a A had a one piece wrap around grip, which had a tendency to split and was therefore replaced on the S98n A with a two piece wooden grip.In other cases the soldiers are photographed with captured or temporarily issued bayonets in times of shortage.Grips The 1871 German bayonets (such as the S71 and Pfm71) had brass gripped handles.Non-Fitting bayonets It is not uncommon to see combinations of rifles and bayonets carried by one soldier that would not fit together.For some units, such as naval landing parties, the uses of a bayonet fixed to the rifle were limited as opposed to the use of the bayonet as a side arm or saw.

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    It follows that the decision regarding the need for (and dosage of) maintenance therapy is driven by the impact of those residual symptoms on the patient’s quality of life rather than as a disease control measure.